Up to date on Patron Rewards!

I’m all caught up with Patron Rewards for this month!! Check out these neat icons.

I love YCH icons and things for this reason – how despite using the same line art, each picture ends up with such individuality. 🙂


Want a Plushie Icon of your own? (Not limited to the species or characters shown here – these were chosen by my Patrons for their specific icons). Become a Patron at the $5 a month level or above and as soon as your payment clears, I’ll send you a message to find out what you want! 🙂

Icons from Tygerwolfe Designs are usually $15-25, so this is a great deal! Not to mention that you get access to many other Patron rewards and exclusive posts! (And if you join at $10 a month, you’ll be elligible for the drawing for a free commission next month!)

Check it out!


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