Tygerwolfe Designs Presents: YCH Pokemon Go!

Examples and details

Examples and details

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!

How about you?

For a limited time only, introducing the Pokemon Go special event at Tygerwolfe Designs!

A picture of you with your favorite partner pokemon! All types of humanoid characters can be drawn as the trainer, so don’t let your character’s species stop you!

Not limited to the Pokemon currently available in Pokemon Go! I am only limiting it to currently released generations of pokemon – nothing from Sun/Moon yet! There aren’t enough reference pictures of our new friends just yet.

And it’s so cheap! For $25 you can get either a small pokemon or a bird pokemon. For just $5 more, at $30, you can get a large pokemon or even a legendary! If you’ve always wanted a picture of you with Dialgia, now is the time!

This offer won’t be around forever, so hurry and toss a few pokeballs at it before it flees forever!

Message Tygerwolfe Designs on Facebook to claim a spot while we’re still pokestopped here.

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