Commission Information

Private Individuals

See image below for private individual commission pricing and detail. Individuals can receive 10% off all commission prices by becoming a Patron of Tygerwolfe Designs, at any pledge level.

Terms & Conditions for Private Commissions

1. All prices under $100 USD must be paid in full before work begins. Commissioner will approve each step of process (Sketch > Lineart > Full Color) before we move forward. Sketch is free for commissioner to keep.

2. Commissioner consents to Artist displaying finished work with attribution in all digital galleries. Artist consents to commissioner displaying finished product with attribution.  Attribution must be given with a link to this website, or the relevant gallery Commissioner is displaying on. (Example: Commissioner displays work on their own DeviantArt gallery – attribution may be given as either a link to this website, OR as a link to the Artist’s DeviantArt gallery, or both.)

3. Artist reserves the right to refuse a project for personal reasons. Refusal will always occur before payment is rendered.

4. Private commissions have their own queue, separate from Book Illustration commissions. Work will be completed on all commissions in the order they are paid. Patron work will always supersede non-patron work except in the case of Book Illustration commissions, which have their own queue.

5. All Patrons receive an automatic 10% discount on all artwork. This includes Patrons of the Omega ($1 USD a month) support levels and above. Patron work is prioritized by patron support level. (Example: An Omega and an Epsilon patron commission the Artist at the same time. Work will begin on Epsilon before Omega. In the event the Omega commission is already in progress, however, Epsilon will then become next on the queue.)

Book Illustrations

Illustration commissions have their own queue separate from private commissions. All commissions will be completed in the order in which payment is received. The Artist, J.T. Ward – and each individual commissioner will sign a mutually beneficial contract before preliminary work begins. Contract will include all the stipulations below, in addition to anything specific to the individual project.

Basic Rules for Book Illustration Commissions:

1. Commissioner agrees to allow Artist to display watermarked versions of completed work in his online portfolios – including, but not limited to, this website, (, DeviantArt, and any other relevant galleries where the Artist maintains his portfolios.

2. Commissioner is allowed to display examples of the Artist’s work on their own private sites for the purposes of advertising and promotion the Work that the Artist’s illustrations were commissioned for, as long as proper attribution and credit is given. (Example: A watermarked version of interior pages of a children’s book may be displayed at the Commissioner’s discretion in order to market or promote said children’s book, but only if the Artist is openly credited as the illustrator, complete with a link to

3. If for any reason Artist or Commissioner terminate the contract before all work is completed, all rights to finished and incomplete works return to Artist. Commissioner may not continue work on same project with a different artist UNLESS Artist J.T. Ward/Tygerwolfe Designs is still credited for the work as well as the new artist. Terms to be sorted on individual basis. (Example: Artist was contracted for 8 full color illustrations by Commissioner, but Commissioner requests work to be stopped after only 4 illustrations are completed, for whatever personal reason. Artist retains rights to completed and incomplete illustrations and may still showcase them in their portfolios. Commissioner retains all rights to their own ideas. Commissioner then decides to begin working on same project, but is contracting a different artist. Commissioner has no right to use illustrations completed by J.T. Ward/Tygerwolfe Designs UNLESS the original artist, J.T. Ward/Tygerwolfe Designs, is still credited in the final project outcome and listed as Co-Illustrator. In which case, Commissioner retains the rights to publish the project including the original 4 completed illustrations.)

4. Should Artist or Commissioner at any time become unable to fulfill the terms of the contract due to financial hardship, physical disability or death, the contract is terminated as is. See #3 for handling of publication and credit rights to finished works.

5. Artist reserves the right to refuse any project on personal grounds regardless of Commissioner’s status and station. Refusal will always occur before signature of the contract.

6. All pricing is based on the detail and complexity required for each individual project. No quote will be given until a discussion of what the Commissioner wants has occurred either by phone, email, instant messenger, or other direct contact method.