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A new era launches!

Hello everyone! Tygerwolfe Designs has just finished an extensive redesign and is now re-launching in full portfolio form! Don’t worry – all the same art you’ve seen before (and a lot of new pieces!) is still here, it’s just moved

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Up to date on Patron Rewards!

I’m all caught up with Patron Rewards for this month!! Check out these neat icons. I love YCH icons and things for this reason – how despite using the same line art, each picture ends up with such individuality. 🙂

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New Years Sale!!

Limited time only! These are examples of what you can get for just $20**! Commissions like this are usually valued at a minimum of $55, so this is more than half off! These examples are a unicorn done for Juana

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[Products] Venomothra Vs. Charzilla!

It’s a clash of Poke-titans! Share so your friends can see this epic battle! Inspired by my Team Leader’s assessment of my Venomoth in Pokemon Go (the word “gigantic” was used), whatever city is down there is probably doomed. Like

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[Patreon Update]

Big update for fans of my writing! Head on over to Patreon to check it out!

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Illustrating Another Children’s Book

This will be the second children’s book that I’ve illustrated, though the last one was a collaboration and I’m still waiting for it to be finished. The first spread is finished. 🙂 It’s a simple, 16 page children’s book with

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Tygerwolfe Designs Presents: YCH Pokemon Go!

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was! How about you? For a limited time only, introducing the Pokemon Go special event at Tygerwolfe Designs! A picture of you with your favorite partner pokemon! All types of

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Bilociraptor Exclusive – Teespring!

When you’re a Bilociraptor, there are no friends – ONLY PREY! Exclusive artwork of the Bisexual Pride Velociraptor, based on this meme. Created by Tygerwolfe Designs, this exclusive bilociraptor will only be available until July 24, 2016! Hurry and get

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Announcing Streams & Videos!

It’s official – Tygerwolfe Designs is open for commissions again! To celebrate my grand reopening, I’ve finally begun offering something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t had the technology to accomplish – I now offer Stream

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I have just been contracted onto a rather large design project that I can’t talk about in detail until after the work has been completed. Therefore my commissions are closed as I devote all of my attention to this current

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