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Up to date on Patron Rewards!

I’m all caught up with Patron Rewards for this month!! Check out these neat icons.

I love YCH icons and things for this reason – how despite using the same line art, each picture ends up with such individuality. 🙂

Want a Plushie Icon of your own? (Not limited to the species or characters shown here – these were chosen by my Patrons for their specific icons). Become a Patron at the $5 a month level or above and as soon as your payment clears, I’ll send you a message to find out what you want! 🙂

Icons from Tygerwolfe Designs are usually $15-25, so this is a great deal! Not to mention that you get access to many other Patron rewards and exclusive posts! (And if you join at $10 a month, you’ll be elligible for the drawing for a free commission next month!)

Check it out!

New Years Sale!!

Limited time only!

These are examples of what you can get for just $20**! Commissions like this are usually valued at a minimum of $55, so this is more than half off!

These examples are a unicorn done for Juana T., and a feral rabbit character done for David B.

Want one of your own? My New Years special is going on for the next three days – ending January 5th, 2017. Nine slots are still available!

To claim a slot, just send $20 to my PayPal, and put in the note what you’d like me to draw! (A character reference is required IF you are requesting a specific character OR a specific style (the example is a Watership Down movie style rabbit).


All sale commissions will be streamed on my Facebook page, Tygerwolfe Designs, and will be completed by Valentines Day, 2/14/2017.

**This price is for single character, simple background, flat color commissions ONLY. Anything requiring a second character, a complex background, or any other modifications will pay normal commission price.

Time Lapse Video (of rabbit): COMING SOON!

Unicorn Concept & Art (c) Tygerwolfe Designs, 2016

Rabbit Character (c) David William B.
Style (c) CIC & Avco Embassy Pictures 1978
Art (c) Tygerwolfe Designs, 2017

[Products] Venomothra Vs. Charzilla!

It’s a clash of Poke-titans!

Share so your friends can see this epic battle!

Inspired by my Team Leader’s assessment of my Venomoth in Pokemon Go (the word “gigantic” was used), whatever city is down there is probably doomed.

Like my art? Get some of your own! Tygerwolfe Designs is open for commissions!

PRODUCTS (T-Shirts, Mugs, and more!):

Illustrating Another Children’s Book

The first spread for the children's book I'm currently illustrating for an author who's name I'm not currently able to disclose. :) It's a simple, 16 page children's book with 8 bi-page illustration spreads, with one short limerick about where a cat is in the image. Find the cat in this image, and you'll have a hint at the name of the book! Art (c) Tygerwolfe Designs 2016 Concepts (c) Author
The first spread for the children’s book I’m currently illustrating for an author who’s name I’m not currently able to disclose. 🙂 It’s a simple, 16 page children’s book with 8 bi-page illustration spreads, with one short limerick about where a cat is in the image. Find the cat in this image, and you’ll have a hint at the name of the book! Art (c) Tygerwolfe Designs 2016 Concepts (c) Author

This will be the second children’s book that I’ve illustrated, though the last one was a collaboration and I’m still waiting for it to be finished.

The first spread is finished. 🙂

It’s a simple, 16 page children’s book with 8 bi-page illustration spreads, with one short limerick about where a cat is in the image. Find the cat in this image, and you’ll have a hint at the name of the book!

Art (c) Tygerwolfe Designs 2016
Concepts (c) Author


AN IMPORTANT NOTE: I currently do not have access to my Facebook account due to them mistaking some advertising I’ve been doing as malicious activity. You can still contact me through the Tygerwolfe Designs page on Facebook, however. My wife has admin privileges and will pass anything on to me and respond in my stead.

Tygerwolfe Designs Presents: YCH Pokemon Go!

Examples and details
Examples and details

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!

How about you?

For a limited time only, introducing the Pokemon Go special event at Tygerwolfe Designs!

A picture of you with your favorite partner pokemon! All types of humanoid characters can be drawn as the trainer, so don’t let your character’s species stop you!

Not limited to the Pokemon currently available in Pokemon Go! I am only limiting it to currently released generations of pokemon – nothing from Sun/Moon yet! There aren’t enough reference pictures of our new friends just yet.

And it’s so cheap! For $25 you can get either a small pokemon or a bird pokemon. For just $5 more, at $30, you can get a large pokemon or even a legendary! If you’ve always wanted a picture of you with Dialgia, now is the time!

This offer won’t be around forever, so hurry and toss a few pokeballs at it before it flees forever!

Message Tygerwolfe Designs on Facebook to claim a spot while we’re still pokestopped here.

Bilociraptor Exclusive – Teespring!

BilociraptorExclusiveWhen you’re a Bilociraptor, there are no friends – ONLY PREY!

Exclusive artwork of the Bisexual Pride Velociraptor, based on this meme.

Created by Tygerwolfe Designs, this exclusive bilociraptor will only be available until July 24, 2016! Hurry and get your shirt today!


Don’t forget to share the campaign – if we don’t reach 50 sales before the end of the campaign, no bilociraptors will be printed! Don’t let this pride themed raptor go extinct – buy today!

Announcing Streams & Videos!

It’s official – Tygerwolfe Designs is open for commissions again!

To celebrate my grand reopening, I’ve finally begun offering something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t had the technology to accomplish – I now offer Stream Commissions!

Archives of these streams, in time-lapse speed, can be found on the new Videos page.

What are stream commissions? Well, when you commission me, you now get to choose whether or not you’d like your project to be streamed (via Twitch) so you can watch me work on it in real time. When the project is finished, a time-lapse version will be posted to YouTube and the Videos page of this website. (This option is not available for NSFW commissions at the moment.)

Currently I have one streamed commission, and my personal icon up to watch on the Videos page, so click on over and check it out!


I have just been contracted onto a rather large design project that I can’t talk about in detail until after the work has been completed. Therefore my commissions are closed as I devote all of my attention to this current project.

Expect an announcement once the work is complete, and watch my blog to find out when commissions are open again!
(NOTE: My Patreon ( ) and donations ( Paypal: Tigerwolf.2[at] ) are still open! Patreon is really getting going, though. An exclusive article will be posted there soon that only my patrons have a chance to read and vote on the topic for. 🙂 Get in on it while you can! )

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my large monitor on which I do all of my digital artwork has died.

This has left me with no way currently to take or complete digital commissions. I am left with traditional pencil sketches being all I can offer until I somehow raise enough money in order to buy a new monitor. Unfortunately the monitor has to come after bills and life expenses, so all projects are on temporary hold.

The good news is that I am working on new prospects. I have been approached about being the artist for a new webcomic. I can’t currently say anything more about it, but expect updates on this topic in the future.

Hopefully I will be able to purchase a new monitor as soon as possible, and then I hope to have some original artwork up for prints as soon as I finish working on it.